Production and assembly


Working in triple-shift we manufacture on 25 horizontal and vertical injection- moulding machines with clambing force from 500 up to 8.000 kN. Parts made of all thermoplastics and thermoplastics elastomeres, hard-soft conncetions, multiple-component parts with injection weights of up to 3.000g in small-scale and mass production. Excellent service and the shortest possible production times which create scope for our customers and the challenges we set ourselves every day.


The assembly currently has 24 modern workplaces for pre-assembly and final assembly. Here we assemble the most harmless assemblies for our customers.The assembly usually works in 2-shift operation. In addition to the normal assembly workstations, there are three computer-controlled product-specific workstations.In the assembly area we use among others hot gas welding machines, mirror welding machines, ultrasonic welding machines.