Innovationskraft, Qualität, Schnelligkeit

drei Dimensionen, die nur durch ständig wachsende Kompetenz und Leistungsfähigkeit miteinander vereinbar sind.

Welcome to Hans Hagemann GmbH!

Our partnerships are backed up by over 60 years of know-how, the latest technologies, continuous striving for improvements, and enduringly successful ongoing company development.

As a reliable and dynamic system partner with around 70 employees , we are able to offer you all-in solutions from a single source. That means for you:

Highly-motivated, interdisciplinary collaborative teams of far-sighted and experienced specialists, as well as the very latest technology throughout the entire process chain are key reasons why leading companies have put their faith in us for over 6 decades.

Our know-how will convince you.

The will to achieve, performance, and continuity are the results of this philosophy - today and tomorrow.